How To Manifest Using Your Crystal Jewelry

How To Manifest Using Your Crystal Jewelry

Since ancient times, humans have revered gemstones. Whether it was for protection, used as a link to the spirit world, or viewed as a symbol of great wealth, crystals have a special place in our collective consciousness.  

Maybe your goal is to be in good health, open yourself to love, or even increase your financial income, crystals energize your intentions; aligning you with your best self. Since gemstones are pure energy in solid form, wearing your Revival Of Venus jewelry can raise your vibration, lovingly guiding you to a state of harmony and balance. The higher your vibration, the more good will come to you.


What is manifestation?

In the simplest terms, manifestation is the divine process of bringing our thoughts into physical form. We are manifesting all day, every day. Sometimes we do it consciously, most of the time it’s unconscious. Every single person can manifest. Don’t believe me? Here’s a quick reality check. Any invention, tool, building, your favorite dish, or even movies and music, started as a thought form that in time, manifested into physical reality.

Ever thought about enjoying a cup of coffee then out of the blue, a friend shows up with your favorite cappuccino in hand? You guessed it, you manifested that drink. And you can manifest anything. All you have to do is focus your thoughts on a specific intention, and trust that you will soon experience it in physical reality.


Okay got it. How do crystals help my manifestation process?

Everything in this universe is made of energy. Your thoughts are pure energy, your physical body is energy and coincidentally, so are gemstones. All energy vibrates at a particular energy. Your gems have their unique molecular structure, that vibrates at a specific frequency. When a crystal is in your energy field, you too are vibrating at that frequency. If your gems vibrate at the frequency of intuition, you can expect your intuition to strengthen.

To maximize your crystals’ capability, you will need to program with your specific intentions. Despite what you may believe, programming your crystals is easy peasy. 

How To Program Your Crystal Jewelry 

  1. Center your energy. While wearing your jewelry, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Feel the sensation of the gemstones on your skin. 
  2. Set your intentions. You can set your intentions by saying a prayer, words or affirmations that are specific to what you are manifesting. Don’t overthink it! Trust your inner self, and use the words that come to your mind. Sometimes your intention could be one word (ex. Health) or a full affirmation such as, “I am healthier with each passing day.” Choose what feels right to you.
  3. Receive your blessings. Once you program your crystals with your intention, live your life! Trust that your crystals are aligning you with what you are manifesting. Listen to your intuition and gut feelings, as they are guiding you to where you need to be, to receive what you intended. 


Jewelry from Revival Of Venus is intentionally made to bring transformative, positive energy into many areas of your life. Combined with your unique intentions, rest assured that all of your desires will manifest. Not because of the jewelry, but because you deserve it all. 


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