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Clear Quartz & Ombre Tourmaline Necklace

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Clear Quartz is known as the “master healer” and amplifies the energy and thoughts of the wearer. It can also enhance the effect of other crystals. In addition to mental clarity, clear quartz is also very powerful for the purposes of manifestation.


Tourmalines are pyroelectric and piezoelectric, meaning they can become electrically charged when heat or pressure is applied, creating a positive and negative ends. Due to its piezo-electric nature, it can have a positive effect on our own electro-magnetic energy field, and can help with balancing energy as it creates a strong "earthing" effect, grounding our energy and helping us to align with nature's own shifting energy field. 

Product Details

- 8MM Clear Quartz pebbles

- 2MM Ombre Tourmaline (Green, Brown, Blue, & Pink Tourmaline)

- Sterling Silver

Handmade with love & pure intentions

Size Chart

Bracelet Sizing*

Small: 7 Inches - Standard: 7.5 Inches - Large: 8 Inches or longer

Small: 8 Inches - Standard: 8.5 Inches - Large: 9 Inches or longer

Necklace Sizing*

Choker/Small: 14-15.5 Inches - Collarbone: 16-17 Inches - Chest: 18 Inches or longer

Choker/Small: 16-17.5 Inches - Collarbone: 18-20 Inches - Chest: 21 Inches or longer


Anklet Sizing*

Small: 9 Inches - Standard: 9.5-10 Inches - Large: 11 Inches or longer


*Sizing is approximate. Each piece is handcrafted to be as close to the sizing chart as possible. Design and gemstone type could cause your jewelry to be slightly larger than size stated.


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