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Faceted Rose Quartz Anklet

Faceted Rose Quartz Anklet

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Rose Quartz is known as the stone of love - it promotes compassion and forgiveness, encourages inner peace, heals emotional wounds, and opens your heart to love yourself & the world around you unconditionally. 


This style includes a sterling silver extension chain.

    Product Details

    - 4MM Faceted Rose Quartz

    - Sterling Silver

    Handmade with love & pure intentions


    Bracelet Sizing*

    Small: 7 Inches
    Standard: 7.5 Inches
    Large: 8 Inches or longer

    Small: 8 Inches
    Standard: 8.5 Inches 
    Large: 9 Inches or longer

    Necklace Sizing*

    Choker/Small: 14-15.5 Inches
    Collarbone: 16-17 Inches 
    Chest: 18 Inches or longer

    Choker/Small: 16-17.5 Inches
    Collarbone: 18-20 Inches
    Chest: 21 Inches or longer


    Anklet Sizing*

    Small: 9 Inches
    Standard: 9.5-10 Inches
    Large: 11 Inches or longer


    *Sizing is approximate. Each piece is handcrafted to be as close to the sizing chart as possible. Design and gemstone type could cause your jewelry to be slightly larger than size stated.

    How To Program Your Gems

     1. Center your energy. While wearing your jewelry, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Feel the sensation of the gemstones on your skin. 

    2. Set your intentions. You can set your intentions by saying a prayer, words or affirmations that are specific to what you are manifesting. Don’t overthink it! Trust your inner self. 

    3.Receive your blessings. Once your programmed your crystals with your intention, live your life! Trust that your crystals are aligning you with what you are manifesting. 

    Read more about manifesting using crystals here.

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